How to type a resume

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Do not try to seem smarter than you really are. The main thing is to have an understanding of what is being said. This is one of the evaluation criteria. The teacher or teacher probably knows the material of the essay is not worse than you – moreover, he could deal with the formulated problem more than once or twice. It is more important for him that his players make everything meaningful.

Be sure to give examples – from life or from scientific literature. They will convince the teacher that the author of the essay really turned to the original sources, that he is able to independently understand the issues.

For many, the final stumbling block turns out to be a stumbling block – up to the lack of knowledge of what to write in it. Of course, we need conclusions. Of course, it’s not a bad idea to add your own attitude to the investigated problem. And since there is often no consensus among scholars (especially humanities scholars), bitter disputes are raging on this or that issue, this is definitely worth mentioning in conclusion.

Thus, compliance with all the requirements of the teacher – the right way to success! This is not the case when you have to argue and disagree.

What are the forms of public protection of the abstract. In essence, there are only two of them – traditional, classical and using presentation.

By the high school years, classical defense, many of us have already observed. You go ahead, in front of everyone, and report on the work that has been done.

The problem here is something else – to read the text on a piece of paper, to memorize it by heart or use the theses of the speech, having them in front of your eyes and occasionally looking there? Of course, the latter method is the most preferred. Because if you read a piece of paper, you will be afraid to take your eyes off the text, get lost and, as a result, no contact with the audience. Crafting is also not an option. Memory can fail at the most crucial moment. A “stupor” will come, you will begin to painfully remember, on what you stopped the train of thought, and you will not be able to remember. Just because cramming is a mechanical process, there is no understanding of what you cram. And with the theses, the speaker feels free and at ease. He has an opportunity for dialogue with the audience, he keeps confidently. What is required, right?