What font to use for resume

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Yes, of course, during the reading, do not rush and part, and also do not mumble under your breath. The first lack of oral speech usually comes from excitement, the second – from the type of temperament or lack of interest, a formal attitude to work. We are looking for a middle ground!

Now for the presentation. Usually in any Windows operating system there is a built-in Microsoft PowerPoint program, or it is easy to find and download for free, and then install it on your computer or laptop. It is intuitive, does not require any special skills. Already first-graders famously learn to make some simple presentations themselves, without any help. And about graduates and say nothing! Many even believe that the presentation is the very magic wand that will magically arrange for you any, the most demanding commission, and any, the most picky teacher. If only it were that simple!

What if the equipment fails? What if the day will be bright, dazzlingly sunny, and curtains or blinds will not save? Those. all of a sudden, on a white screen, those present simply cannot see or read anything. Therefore, dear, you need to be prepared for the traditional protection – in case of such a force majeure.

Bad tone – read on paper what is on the slides. Read, thank God, they can all. One information should complement the other, not duplicate. In general, a large amount of text in slides is an extreme. Still, the presentation is designed for visual perception, this is one of the forms of clarity. But this does not mean that the eyes should be ruffled by the use of bright colors and colors. For example, yellow letters on a white background will look absurd and inconspicuous. Even the ancient Greeks advised: “Measure in all respect!” It makes sense to listen!

The presentation should also be approached wisely. You don’t know how to do it yourself – entrust the case to someone who is better versed in this matter, who is with the “Microsoft PowerPoint” program on “you”, who has already done these presentations visibly and invisibly. If someone thinks that you can do everything “with one hand” – insert into the template anyway like pictures from the Internet, add clumsy, “wiggle” text in different directions, it’s a pity. You know how sad it is when an excellent assessment fails precisely because of technical illiteracy or elementary frolic! There is knowledge, there is understanding of the topic, and a person should not submit himself properly, alas, he did not learn …