How to write a resume cover letter

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The first thing you need to do when determining the essay is its topic. Most often the topic is appointed by the teacher, but there are cases when the student himself can choose a topic from the presented list. By the choice should be taken with all seriousness. The main criteria influencing the choice of topics are the availability of a sufficient amount of information on the topic of the essay, as well as when the topic is really interesting to the student.

After the student has decided on the topic of his future work and agreed it with his teacher, you can begin to study all the available literature. For writing an essay, information can be taken from a wide variety of sources, such as books, magazines, excerpts from newspapers, research, dictionaries, textbooks, etc. Sometimes your teacher can point you to the sources of information that you will need to use to complete your essay. The student can take all literary sources in the library or on the Internet. Remember, if you decide to collect information online, it must be carefully rechecked, since not all sources can be completely reliable. It is advisable to choose more recent sources of information.

After the collection and study of the necessary sources is completed, you can start drawing up a plan of the main parts of the abstract. Most often, the plan will be drawn up with your teacher, you need to start writing the work only after the plan is approved.

When the essay will be completely written, another problem arises, it must be properly formatted in compliance with all state standards, requirements and parameters of your educational institution.

How to make a paper.

Writing an essay, as well as almost any written scientific work is made on A4 sheets. The test of work is typed on one side of the sheet and aligned in a text editor in width. From the bottom and the top of the page indents are 2 cm. The interval between the lines is 1.5, the margins on the left side are 3 cm, and on the right 1. Most often, the work is done in Times New Roman font, font size 14. (NOTE works in your school can differ from the standard)